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Holt Security Systems | Door Entry Systems
24 Royal George Rd Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9SE01444 241666info@holtsecurity.com

door-entry-camera-phoneDoor Entry Security Systems

Door Entry Security systems for your home or business.

Stop intruders entering communal entrances with a professionally fitted Holt security door entry system…


What Are The Different Types Of Door Entry System?

Door entry systems come in various types of designs from simple speach to video, digital key access, to card/Tag entry.

Each system can be stand alone or computer based depending on the complexity or your needs. The systems can be used to clock in and out and also be programmed to only allow access to certain areas.


Video Door Entry System


Video Door Entry Systems range from a single door station to a single video phone to a complex mult-door systems which consist of many doors and video phones.

Access Control


Access Control can be used to protect any type of door that doesn’t necessarily need a person on the other end to release the door. This type of system can simply use a key tag which releases the door when the tag is presented to the door release mechanism (door tag reader)

Stand-A-Lone Door Entry System


A stand-a-lone system, as shown above, requires very little in terms of equipment. The handle is fitted on an internal door to be secured and is powered by battery, which will last upto 300,000 access operations.

The door entry tag is programmed and used to release the locking mechanism attached to the door handle. This allows the handle to open the door and give access. If no tag is not presented then the handle moves freely but does not release the latch, so no access is given.


Call Holt Security Now! 01444 241666

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